Casa Bonita near Lakewood CO

Casa Bonita is a unique Mexican restaurant that has been around for decades & was voted one of the most bizarre tourist attractions in America. This is because you can eat in a 52,000 sq ft replica Mexican village with a “fiesta” feel amidst gunfights and gorilla shenanigans, all surrounded by puppet shows and caricature artists.

In the backyard of a typical Denver suburb, among the usual small commercial offices and warehouses, stands Casa Bonita – a gleaming pink tower that rises 85 feet in the air.

There’s a gold-leafed dome on top of the tower and at the base there’s a restaurant which can seat 1,000 people and features a monster hologram in the wishing well.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry: this place is huge and has a ton of fun stuff to do with your friends.

Order then pick up your meal from one of several cafeteria style dining rooms with a different theme.

Life moves fast. But, every now and then, we need to slow down and enjoy life. At “The Most Exciting Restaurant in the World,” you can eat good food and be entertained by some magic or one of our killer mariachi bands.

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The sopapillas are delicious (and they come with every meal), but don’t overfill your plate – you’ll be able to get seconds, thirds, or anything in between while watching cliff divers jumping off an indoor waterfall.

If you want to get sopapillas, just tell your server. If you are over 18, you are entitled to them for free, because everyone over the age of 18 is required to purchase a meal. You can’t get in El Dorado for free, amigos!

On the way out, see if you can spot a familiar face as you explore Black Bart’s Haunted Cave and take some old-timey cowboy photos. And don’t forget to stop by for a quick game of skee ball.

Watch more cliff diving footage. Help the Sheriff catch Black Bart, the sopapilla thief. Hey, did you know that The Fray hosted a launch party for their second album in Casa Bonita? You remember The Fray, right? Well they did.

Casa Bonita was originally built as a chain in 1974. The Lakewood location was the last and most lavish built, and is still open today!

Casa Bonita is an entertainment restaurant that was designated a historical landmark by the Lakewood Historical Society; it’s especially popular with kids. These places attract children like magnets, which should go without saying since they’re delightful lunatics at times.

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