Metal scrap recycling

Scrap metal pick-up is one of our popular removal services here at Junk Removal Guys. Scrapping with us is relatively cheap compared to the competition.

Safety is of high concern to us when attending scrap metal removals because of the several scenarios that can arise if not tackling properly.

It’s important to get a hazardous object such a metal shards, pieces, and rusted steel, off the property to limit injuries that come with being in close quarters.

Especially with the rusted metals, you run the risk of getting tetanus that can prove to be fatal if you are not treated or vaccinated.

People tend to let their metal pile up until it’s a substantial amount to bring to the recycling plant.

Wouldn’t it be the best knowing you could hire a service that’s in and out without you being disrupted throughout the day? Yeah, we thought so.

You can set up a scheduled time for us to come each week or bi-weekly. Whatever suits your fancy, we can provide. Junk Removal Guys is the best in the business of scrap metal recycling.

Our hard-working rocklike professionals will give that scrap a run for its money. We perform scrap metal removals on residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Where ever that scrap may be, you can be sure we will be there to haul it away. We only take metals to the leading professionals in scrap recycling.

This way they know we expect them to have eco-friendly solutions for the loads we drop there. Don’t risk injury, don’t let the scrap piles get out of hand, don’t waste time hauling it off yourselves…

That’s Crazy! Who wants to spend valuable time cleaning up scraps. That’s beneath you people! Leave the downright dirty tasks to us.

A little bit of hard work and elbow grease never killed anyone, especially Junk Removal Guys. Call the big boys for all your scrap metal removal needs.

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