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Call us today and we’ll send a professional to your home who will provide a free estimate.

We love how quick and easy the process is. All you’ve got to do is take a look at our pricing and let us know if you want to go ahead. If not, we’ll be more than happy with that too!

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What exactly Junk Removal Guys of Lakewood do?

The Lakewood Junk Removal Team offers a garbage removal service that includes loading, transporting, and dumping. We can remove old clothes, scrap metal, and leftover junk.

As a professional rubbish removal service, we have many options for your specific needs from disposing of it or donating it. We then provide a quote and clear the job site to make your environment cleaner.

Lakewood Junk Removal Guys provides you with a full range of refuse disposal and recycling services. This means we’ll either pick up or haul away your waste and recycle it! We make every effort to stop as much garbage from going to the landfill! We also try and recycle and process most of what we collect so it can be reused or put back in the system, instead of just sitting there.

We offer a variety of junk removal services in Lakewood, CO. We collect and dispose of individual items, load & export lawn waste and remove old equipment. For construction or general cleanup, we can help!

What we offer to help you with:

  1. Full Property Clean Out Services:

    • office
    • garage
    • attic
    • foreclosure
    • crawl space
    • construction site
    • yard
    • playset
  2. Appliance Removal:

    • dishwasher
    • water heater
    • washer dryer
    • refrigerator
    • hot tub
    • stove
    • oven
    • freezer
    • microwave
    • air conditioner
  3. Furniture Removal:

    • mattress
    • couch
    • carpet
    • old bed 
  4. Electronics Removal:

    • television
    • old stereo
    • home computer
  5. Yard Waste Removal:

    • yard bush
    • fallen tree
    • tree limb
    • construction debris
  6. Miscellaneous junk removal service:

    • shred
    • rubbish
    • rail road tie
    • light demolition
    • leaf
    • kitchen demolition
    • deck demolition
    • cabinet demolition
    • bathroom demolition
    • house demolition

As we said. . . full service.

Is junk removal in Lakewood cheap?

When it comes to garbage disposal, you should really consider what you’re getting before settling on a price. It’s not the same thing as cheap junk removal. If you want good, fast and eco-friendly waste management, don’t settle for low prices.

We always try to provide the best service at a reasonable price. This is made possible by our modern equipment, dedicated crew and rich experience. But don’t take our word for it – try us out yourself!

What makes our Lakewood waste disposal services the most affordable?

Other companies are often not forthcoming with invoice details before work begins. The majority of time, you won’t really know how much will be owed until the work is done and all the costs are tallied up. This isn’t always obvious or straightforward, but sometimes it can help to know this upfront! If you go over the weight limit then it’s not that big of a deal. They can calculate the fee based on how much material & trash you’ve got in your truck. But if they don’t know what to charge you, expect additional penalties. Disposal fees, too.

As soon as you’re booked in with us, we’ll take a close look at the whole of your junk before quoting you a price. This way, you’ll know exactly how much to expect to pay without the uncertainty of extras creeping up along the way. We don’t just have experience – our crews are well-trained too. This means they work quickly, efficiently & keep your costs low.

You may be wondering what we do when it comes to trash removal and junk removal in Lakewood, CO. Well, we can take these items:

We’re able to handle all your demolition and construction waste. Everything from heavy-duty jobs like breaking down of old buildings to more routine services like clearing the site for new buildings. No waste disposal task is we big for Junk Removal Guys of Lakewood. Our team also offers real estate cleansing and garbage collection services.

We offer everything you need for residential & commercial trash removal. Our professional team will always go the extra mile to meet your needs. We are the best garbage disposal company. We are much more affordable than our competitors and provide better customer service.

We come to you always, meaning you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. We remove unnecessary items and take them away with our vehicle – then after that we can remove the trash in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Junk Removal Guys of Lakewood is here to serve you at any time and we will always provide you with the highest quality of service.

A junk removal service with a commitment to the community

Let us take care of your junk! By having us take it away, you know that it will go to a good cause. Some items can still be used and we might be able to give them to people in the community who need them.

We scrutinize every load of garbage looking for items that can be recycled for a profit. We also take a look at the quality of the items and see if they are good enough to sell or donate to those in need.

For years, we’ve specialized in getting rid of junk near you, and our customers rave about our quality service.

Our staff have been trained to care for the environment. We review every load to search out what can be reused, so we work hard to keep as much waste away from landfills as possible. For example, instead of disposing of metals picked up in a load of mixed recyclables, we take them back and process them

We live in the Lakewood neighborhood and as such, we always help as much as we can with local organizations–especially those that are church-related.

Lakewood junk removal services are committed to improving the environment. Call now and we’ll make it our mission to better your home and project as soon as possible!

Full garbage removal service

Garbage removal is our basic service. We have a cost estimator that will provide you with a quote for an eco-friendly junk removal job and then dispatch a large dump truck to come to your property. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details for you. It’s not only the collection itself that makes us good, but also how we dispose of your garbage. We use our own container trucks and dump trucks to transport material, as well as our own sorting base where we sort out hazardous waste from recyclable material.

Container transport services

We also offer dump trucks for construction & land cleaning projects. All loads need to consist only of recyclable material in order for them to be accepted. You can fill a garbage can with a lot of different types of waste – from mixed construction waste to “trash” from your backyard. But if you want a more complete waste disposal and hauling service, we’re the company for you.

Check out the trash removal services we have to offer in Lakewood below.

Household rubbish

You never know what kind of things people throw away. After all, they’re just junk to them, but they might be useful to you. Get rid of old rubbish that takes up space in your home and give yourself some peace with the help of Junk Removal Lakewood.

Construction debris removal

Dumpster day is coming to an end, but before you get involved in other projects, think about our construction debris services. We collect building materials, scrap metals & rubbish from all over Lakewood.

Yard Waste Removal

Have you finished landscaping your garden? Then we can take care of cleaning up the mess. Lakewood Junk Removal Guys come and take away all kinds of garden refuse: compost, dirt, leaves and branches etc. We offer a price quote and time schedule along with recycling – leaving it to us isn’t just convenient but also cost-effective too!

Unwanted furniture removal

Have you gotten tired of your sofa? Do you have a bedroom set that no longer fits in your home? Our Lakewood furniture removal experts remove any unwanted furnitures from all over the metro area.


We can take out old, broken or unwanted household appliances. All devices are then thoroughly checked and recycled.


We are professionals in electronics recycling. Have any broken or old devices? We take them all – and when they get to our facility, we recycle everything we can. The rest gets disposed of the right way.

Container service

We can provide you with dumpster rental for junk removal. Our containers are perfect for any large-scale demolition, reconstruction, construction or cleaning job. Our company can help you deal with industrial waste in a sustainable manner, so you do not end up hurting your business. Give us a call to learn more about our prices and services!

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