Southern Gables Neighborhood in Lakewood CO

Southern Gables is a longstanding neighborhood in Lakewood, CO. The streets ranges from Garrison Street to Wadsworth Boulevard and from Jewell Avenue to Morrison Road.

Our neighborhood association is over 40 years old. Back when it was started, a lot of residents in the area were opposed to a car dealership moving in and buying up neighborhoods land. Nowadays the business has been here for decades and it’s become a huge asset to the community.

The residents organized to negotiate better with the car dealership and ensure a good working relationship. It all worked out – the dealership has been a good neighbor, and the association has thrived through all these years

The Southern Gables Neighborhood Association 1 is not an HOA. All we do is plan neighborhood events and provide rental chairs for events like picnics. Membership is voluntary but encouraged, with annual dues of $20.00 payable by May.

You can make your yearly dues payment by check or online. If you wish to make a donation of support too, that is welcome. We are a registered Colorado nonprofit association.

If you’re interested in the details of our organization, you can read the bylaws at this link. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can contact us to see about serving on the Board.

Our area may look small, but it is really important to us. Here you will find helpful info on the best places to visit.

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You’ll be able to find local news, events, and volunteer opportunities on our site. Keep us in mind if you’re interested in volunteering – we have some great opportunities right here on the site.

Three schools serve our neighborhood: Glendale Elementary School is in the heart of our neighborhood and both Carmody Middle and Bear Creek High Schools are located nearby. We’re proud of all of them!

Residents can learn more about Southern Gables by visiting the website or by joining the online network. The network is an interactive forum for sharing community events, items for sale or free, crime and safety concerns, and solutions to improve our neighborhood.

We love welcoming new neighbors to the community and want you to feel at home. We also work hard to introduce people, share neighborhood news, and promote events in our neighborhood.

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