Best Things to Do in Lakewood (CO)

The scenery of Lakewood is some of the best in Colorado! You’ll find that you might spend most of your time here outside, although it’s hard to avoid all of the excellent museums and galleries here, too.

There are over 99 parks in Lakewood to take advantage of and theres no question that getting outside is a popular activity here. Having such stunning surroundings like the Green Mountains means you ll never get tired of taking another adventure.

What to explore in Lakewood:

Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park is the ideal place if you’re looking for a wide range of activities all in one place. They have 15 miles of trails so you can explore all over town and enjoy great views, too!

Did you know that for a little more of an adventurous experience, there’s also some archery equipment here? You can either shoot at targets or ride horses while the views are amazing.

Everitt Farms

Everitt Farms is a scenic spot for outdoor lovers to relax and enjoy the best landscapes Lakewood has to offer. We have sustainable farming practices and fresh produce, so stop by today!

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The farm has a market area where you can buy tasty produce grown on the farm, as well as seasonal attractions for the whole family.

Lakewood Heritage Center

Lakewood has partnered with the Lakewood Heritage Center to highlight the city’s history. The visitors center is in Belmar Park, which offers panoramic views of Lake Erie.

Once you enter the museum, you will see 10 buildings of historical importance. Plus there are 30,000 items in our collection.

Belmar Downtown District

If you’re looking for a night out in the city, this is the place to come. Lakewood’s Downtown Belmar is relatively new and has over 80 businesses lined up.

Locals insist that this is where you have to be if you want the best of Lakewood nightlife. You’ll find lots of restaurants, cafes and live music venues here.

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