Coors Field in Denver Colorado

Coors Field was the first baseball stadium in America to have a retractable roof.

It is called a retractable roof because it moves. The tracks on each side of the stadium move the roof from closed to open or from open to closed.

The first time Coors Field had a baseball game with the roof closed was on May 26, 1995, when 80 people (attendees included 1993 Mets World Series stars and Denver Nuggets basketball star Dikembe Mutombo) attended a Colorado Rockies home game.

To close or open the roof at Coors Field takes between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending upon weather conditions, but usually only takes about 15-20 minutes for Opening Day and other special events because they have more than one function working together at once: opening/closing the stadium roof, opening/closing the outfield wall panels, and turning on/off the stadium lights. 4. The roof can be opened or closed depending upon weather conditions at any time during a game as long as it doesn’t affect play on the field (i.e., delay of game)

It takes about 120 people to open or close Coors Field’s retractable roof at a baseball game. All are employees of Rocky Mountain Arena Corporation (Rocky Mountain Sports Facilities Company). They have been trained in all facets of their jobs and become experts at what they do from being there so many times before that their movements have become automatic, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively than if most everything was done manually instead.

When the roof is open at Coors Field, it can be seen from space. When the roof is closed at Coors Field, it can also be seen from space because of the way it covers and seals out weather conditions.

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The stadium was originally going to be called “Coors Rocky Mountain Stadium” but that name was changed before its opening in 1995 when a local beer maker threatened to sue.

Coors Field has an infield tarpaulin (a rubberized mat) like most stadiums have that protects the field from rain or snow during games with a closed roof just like other ballparks except there’s one difference: they roll it up rather than drop/raise. It takes only about five minutes for the tarpaulin to be rolled up and about 15-20 minutes for the process of opening the roof.

The outfield wall paneling at Coors Field that hides above-ground stadium bleachers, suites, offices, etc. can also retract. It takes about 45 minutes to open or close it because when they attach a device to pull out each panel (the panels are attached together as one large piece), they have to make sure not to damage anything along with taking care not to hurt anyone – even though there is a protective covering over everything that would be exposed from underneath; i.e., lights, wires, etc.

Coors Field’s ties: Rocky Mountain Arena Corporation built and manages four other stadiums around the United States – all of them are baseball stadiums: Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri; PETCO Park (formerly Jack Murphy Stadium) in San Diego, California; Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona; and Nationals Park in Washington D.C., the latter two with retractable roof systems.

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