Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is a beautiful place to spend your day. This place has tons of flowers and plants which is a great thing because there are so many beautiful things to look at. But be careful because some of these flowers can be dangerous. Anyway, if you want to go visit this place I would recommend scheduling a tour online because it takes time just to walk around the gardens let alone try to find your way through them. The best part about visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens was when we walked into the conservatory and were able to see all of the exotic plants up close. These plants normally don’t grow here but they were in this building for all of us to enjoy!

When I think of botanic gardens I get mixed feelings on what my reaction might have been walking around such a place. I would think that someone like Alfred Hitchcock might have a better reaction to walking around such a place as he was known for killing characters in creative and interesting ways. Another person who might have had a good time at the Denver Botanic Gardens is Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.

He might have enjoyed it there since some of his books take place in fantasy lands where anything could happen! Last but not least, L. Frank Baum who wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz also has an appreciation for gardens so maybe he too would be interested in visiting the garden itself to see how they make it appear more realistic and beautiful than you would ever know.

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There’s plenty of space for walking or running in the garden paths. This is good because you can enjoy the scenery without being stuck in crowds of people. If there ever were a big crowd at one place it would be at the gift shop inside. I went there once and almost didn’t make it out alive!

Anyway, this old building really adds to the atmosphere with its wooden flooring and decorations. It was built from stone blocks that are so huge they must have come from somewhere very far away. I think this place dates back to the nineties or something like that anyway, what’s important about that is that it has a great vibe all around it.

The best part about visiting Denver Botanic Gardens was walking through a yellow brick road. It seemed as though we were in Oz as everything here looked so curious and beautiful. I had never seen such a place in my life! The yellow brick road was the best part of the day but there were others too which included visiting the Conservation Greenhouse, discovering water lilies, and learning about cacti.

One thing that really caught my eye was how they used LED lights to save electricity as opposed to regular light bulbs. This conserves more energy for us to use in other ways instead of wasting it on showing off what these plants look like under normal lights at night time.

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