Five Points Neighborhood in Denver CO

The Five Points neighborhood is located at an intersection with converging thoroughfares named Broadway, 6th Avenue,  Washington Street, and 29th Avenue–hence the name “Five Points.” It is a defined area within the larger Cole neighborhood between Auraria Parkway on the west, Speer Boulevard on the east, I-25, and Broadway on the south and north respectively. The boundaries of this official neighborhood were established by a City of Denver ordinance in 2002, although the historic Five Points neighborhood has existed for over 100 years.

The historic Five Points neighborhood is a largely African-American community that was formed as a result of segregation during the early 1900s. In recent times it has been an area of great diversity and hosts numerous ethnic and socio-economic groups including Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians, Native Americans, Southeast Asians, and East Africans. It is a vibrant community with many locally owned businesses and restaurants.

Over time Five Points has evolved into one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Denver due to its location at the center of several major regional thoroughfares that make up Highways I-25, I-70, and I-225. The community has a deep history that can be traced back to the establishment of St. Cajetan’s Church and School in 1873.

Five Points is challenged by city infrastructure projects including the expansion of I-25 through the neighborhood, low-income housing shortages and resultant gentrification, crime issues related to the illegal drug trade, homelessness, and gang violence/activity as well as challenges with preserving historic structures due to high costs associated with maintenance and redevelopment. Because of its location on major transportation routes such as Speer Boulevard, Colfax Avenue, and I-70, there are also highway noise concerns.

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Prior local organizations that have served or currently serve communities in Five Points Neighborhood in Denver CO include:

St Cajetan’s Church and School (1873) – 2112 Stout Street

Denver Community Credit Union (1938) – 2104 Welton Street

Urban League of Metropolitan Denver (1955) – 1801 Downing Street

African American Research Library and Cultural Center (1990) – 2401 Welton St. Suite 200, Denver CO 80205

I Have a Dream Foundation-Colorado Chapter (1991) – 1124 Decatur Street

Five Points Business District-Mercado de Los Amigos (1995) – 2651 California Street

United African American Ministerial Action Council – (2001)

Urban League of Metro Denver-Kids Time Out After School Program (2002)  2401 Welton Street, Suite 200, Denver CO 80205

Hispanic Family Development Agency (2006) – 2130 California St.

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish and CCD Center (2007)  2100 Downing Street

United African American Ministerial Action Council – 2017 East 22nd Avenue

Colorado Progressive Coalition  (2009)- 945 Oneida St Suite 100 Denver, CO 80204

Washington Park / Five Points – A 1993 Denver Landmark District

St. Cajetan’s Church and School- A 1993 Denver landmark site

Five Points Historic Neighborhood – 2002 City of Denver Landmark District

Colorado Progressive Coalition Headquarters (2009) – 945 Oneida St. Suite 100, Denver CO 80204

Adrienne Benavidez United States House of Representatives Office Building (2012)- 221 W Colfax Ave #300, Denver, CO 80202

United African American Ministerial Action Council – 2017 East 22nd Avenue

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish and CCD Center (2007) 2130 California Street]

Centro De Las Americas (2013) 571 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

Junk Removal Guys of Denver, 2737 E 13th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80206, (720) 796-8676

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