Fort Fun in Fort Collins CO

Fort Fun is a Children’s Museum located in Fort Collins area, a place where children and families can enjoy the world of imagination through play.

So, what is a Fort? A fort has walls. Sometimes they are made of straw or sticks. It provides safety and shelter from the real world outside.

A fort can be anyplace you make it…in your mind, in your room, in the back yard, or the great outdoors! And it’s not just a small place for hiding; sometimes a fort comes with lots of little rooms all connected by tunnels dug deep underground.

If there are two or more kids involved, that’s even better because then there can be many secret passages, traps to hide enemies, and shelving for trophies won along those magical journey’s into imagination!

Fort Fun is committed to providing children with rich experiences through play that stimulates their curiosity as they learn, grow, and develop.

Children learn by making choices, solving problems, taking risks, being creative, having fun, and working with others. Play is a child’s work!

That’s why forts are great because with a fort you can pretend anything is possible and then go out and try to make it happen!

The mission of Fort Fun Children’s Museum is that every child should know the joy of imagination, creativity, exploration, wonder, and fun. It is our job to provide an environment where children can experience this joy as often as they wish.

We want their playful desires fully satisfied so that they may grow into healthy adults who will protect the earth on which we all live.

So come visit Fort Fun today and have some really great childhood memories that will last a lifetime! The staff at Fort Fun loves what they do! They love how making play a priority helps children learn and grow in all areas of their lives.

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“Once you have played, you will be forever fit to govern a great empire.” Confucius

The staff believes in play! They know the potential for learning through play is infinite and that children are destined to grow into self-sufficient, responsible adults by finding out what they like best and doing it over and over again until they find something that provides fulfillment beyond anything else.

From infancy to adolescence, play is one of the most important elements in a child’s life. It promotes learning, social skills, and physical growth. A child who has been allowed to play is more likely to finish school, have successful relationships with friends and family, and be productive at work.

This belief that play is vital for healthy development led the museum staff to focus on creating engaging educational exhibits that invite children to explore with their whole selves—minds as well as bodies. The hands-on activities encourage experimentation, imagination, and exploration while strengthening a child’s self-concept.

Fort Fun is a magical place where children and parents work together to finish the adventures of their imaginations. Children are able to spend hours in play because the facility has been designed with comfortable furniture, well-lit display areas, and a working elevator that accommodates strollers.

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