Fun Activities & Games in Lakewood CO

Experience an escape game and flex your friends and family’s minds with clues. Solve riddles, complete unique puzzles, scavenge for clues, and work as a team while engaging in a real life puzzle. Visit one of Colorado’s and Lakewood CO most immersive escape games!

With our 3 rooms (and many more to come), you’ll get an amazing experience, no matter how many time you visit!

It’s time for an escape. Our rooms are suitable for 2 to 10 players and cater to all experience levels.

Fans of escape games will love that each room has a variety of side quests while beginners will find an easy introduction to the genre with immersive, challenging and fun rooms. To give you a taste, you can explore a medieval Transylvania villa for your next escape game challenge (early January) or try escaping from a hotel set in the 80’s.

Escape Factory is 10 minutes away from downtown Denver. We provide an interactive escape game experience for your party. For larger groups, we may bring the game to you.

The furnace is a glass workshop that specialises in decorative, sculptural and functional artistic creations. They have galleries spanning across the country.

Besides working on our own projects, we offer a range of glass blowing classes and workshops for everyone–hobbyists or professional.

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The Gallery Sportsman’s Club and Range has a customer service experience that is second to none. Meet a community of people who care about safety and a range that meets your needs for this incredibly important aspect of your life. We provide the customer service you deserve!

We are serious about safety – We respect firearms & have clear processes. Safety should never be compromised. We value social interaction – Everyone’s first time deserves to be fun.

We’re very easy when it comes to our customers. If you need to rent equipment or make a reservation, we do that and much more. We’re encouraging sports-lovers everywhere by incorporating new technology into the sport and bring it into the future.

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