Home Hardening And Junk Removal during the Fire Season

A wildfire swept through Salmon Creek last week destroying a home and damaging several others. It’s a reminder that owners should start preparing now. The first step is removing any flammable materials around your house like weedy brushes, piles of wood, or junk in spare rooms you’re not using. A house surrounded by combustibles can quickly wind up like kindling.

Of course, just removing piled combustibles is only half the job – homeowners also have to harden their homes against fire. In many cases, this means landscaping with fire-resistant plants which are available at nurseries. They tend to be less attractive than other plants but have very pretty flowers.

The second step homeowners should take is insulating their attic – especially the vents which are often a source of fire spreading flames. Space blankets used by hikers make an excellent inexpensive insulation material and can be attached to ducts with cable ties or adhesive tape. Finally, it’s wise to also put up a fire-resistant wall around your front door if you have one that doesn’t already exist. It may not stop a wildfire from coming in but at least it’ll slow down the spread of flames into your home.

In addition, owners should look over their roofs for any potential problems like leaves, branches, or other debris that could catch fire and provide fuel for a wildfire to spread. They should also check the roof for any wood components including wooden gutters or firewood laying on the roof.

Of course, the most important step is clearing brush away from your home’s foundation and clearing a space around it. This will limit the number of fire-catching materials near your home in the event of a wildfire. By doing these steps now, owners can greatly reduce their chances of seeing their homes go up in flames during fires season.

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Homes with adjacent, well-maintained spaces are resistant to wildfire. Many homes that have been lost from wildfires were ignited by embers or small fires and not from a large fire. Embers can enter the building through vents or open windows and start fires in this area of your home.

Although it may seem that embers from far away sources are the main cause of fires, there can also be other close-by embers that heighten the risk. For this reason, outdoor junk removal is important to stop the spread of a fire.

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