How do I get rid of large junk?

If you have large junk, we recommend getting a quote from one of our trucking companies. They are able to remove larger items for the same amount as smaller ones.

One of their trucks has hydraulics that allows them to pick up and load your larger items with ease. Moreover, their hydraulic boom lifts make it possible to load anything on the bed of the truck without having to dismantle it first.

Now there are some common things in houses or garages that cause people not to hire professional junk hauling services like ours but instead either throw away these things themselves or wait for a friend to come by and help out. However, this is a bad idea because it may cause you to have to buy new ones when you really did not need to.

If your item is large then you should hire professionals instead of doing it yourself or wait for someone else to do it. It makes sense, that an experienced trucking company can handle business in the most effective way possible.

Therefore, they usually charge much less than people expect them to. This is likely due to their professional equipment, skills, and experience. For example, a standard truck and trailer cost $50,000, as opposed to one hydraulic lifting table which costs around $10,000-$30,000 depending on how strong it is.

If you want to get rid of some large items, and you want to avoid paying a premium on the removal cost for them, call us. We will send a truck with hydraulic lifting equipment that is designed specifically for larger items.

You do not have to worry about doing it yourself or waiting for someone else to help out. It does take two additional workers to lift heavy furniture or appliances onto our truck so keep that in mind if you don’t want to pay extra. All we ask is that the item(s) be able to fit on our loading dock which measures:

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If your item can’t be lifted by 2 people and carried onto our flatbed then contact us because there may be an alternative way we can remove it like using one of our large, hydraulic winches.

Are there any items that are not allowed for disposal?

There is a list of items like mattresses or hazardous materials that cannot be removed for safety reasons. You can see the list here. All other items are free to dispose of and you won’t be charged extra for them.

What happens to my junk after it is collected? Junk removal services like ours take care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to worry about it!

We have good working relationships with many legitimate recyclers, wastewater facilities, landfills, and others in the field, including some municipalities which require us to visit their offices before we can transport waste material out of their jurisdiction. Once your items are removed, they will be properly sorted and recycled or disposed of.

As our slogan says “The last thing you want to do is move junk around” and with us, it really is the last thing you have to do! We guarantee that we can solve your problem because we are a professional team who will provide you high-quality work at cheap prices, just call today.

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