How to Make Your Move Easier and Get Rid of Junk

If you’re like most people, one of the first things that cross your mind when thinking about a move is what to do with the items in your home that don’t belong. Whether you’re selling or renting an apartment, it can be difficult to refuse offers on some unwanted pieces. Below, we detail all of these options and let you know how to make them work for you.

Sell it!

Estate Sale

If you have a significant number of valuable items that you will not be taking with you, an estate sale is the best option for your time and energy in this case. While their company takes some percentage of revenues earned, they will take care of the entire process, meaning it’s less labor-intensive than other options below on this list.

Garage Sell

If you want to try selling your items yourself, a garage sale is one option. Advertise well in advance and price your items attractively so they’ll sell quickly, and you should be able to clear out some of the clutter in no time.

Selling things on eBay before you move

If you’ve managed to put aside enough time beforehand, this is a great way to reduce some clutter and make a bit of money in the process. Keep in mind that your goal isn’t to build a business but rather get rid of what you don’t need any more; so make sure you price items fairly and set reasonable minimums if possible.


Being a classifieds site, craigslist is great for finding both buyers and sellers. Just remember that it’s completely unregulated and unsupervised, so proceed with caution and ignore any ads where you feel like something doesn’t seem right.

Donate It!

Local church or community center

Ask if they have programs to donate old furniture or clothing.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a good option, but they will only come on your scheduled date and time. Be sure to have a backup plan in place in case they cannot make it that day; they are not reliable sometimes and can be picky about what items they take.

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Ask your family and friends to take anything they’d like. You might be surprised to find that, in addition to your couches, even more of their belongings end up suitably matched without any effort on their part!

Junk It!


After you have sold and donated your things, there surely will be some leftovers. If it is a small amount, get rid of it immediately. Put it out in the garbage so long as your municipality will accept it!


Although you may have different strategies to avoid throwing things away, there are items that remain difficult to dispose of even after several attempts. One solution is renting a dumpster and asking friends or family members for assistance in loading it. Ordering a dumpster for your items can be tricky. If it’s too small, you run the risk of having to order another. But if it’s too large, you’ll have to watch as much as 30 crowed pounds of trash clog up space that would be otherwise available to use.

Junk Removal Service

Hiring a junk removal company may save you time and headache. These companies provide the labor and trucks to remove your items from your home. Typically, leftovers from a house move cost less than miscellaneous trash. If you have mountains of trash to dispose of, it may be a little more expensive. When hiring one of these companies to take care of your cleanout needs, make sure they’re reputable and insured by researching them beforehand.

Best of luck with your move!

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