North Alameda Neighborhood in Lakewood CO

What do you think of North Alameda, Lakewood? Would you recommend it as a place to live?

Before you even start your home search, it’s important to know which area might be best for you. Things like the local community & nearby amenities play a large factor in that decision.

If North Alameda is on your radar, here are some ways to figure out if it’s a good spot for you.

Is North Alameda a walkable neighborhood?

There are many factors that contribute to one’s quality of life. One example is what city they live in or if they prefer the suburbs with their tranquil streets.

It depends on the person. Some people think car-dependent living would be a nightmare – others find it an ideal way to grow up. Either way, the drive over is far for them.

I like to know what kind of amenities the neighborhood has before buying a new place, and you should too. North Alameda, Lakewood receives a walk score of 59, a bike score of 66 and has public transportation on site.

Here in North Alameda, Lakewood, RTD bus provides public transit. There are 18 bus stops around the area which you’re welcome to use anytime. The nearest airport is Denver International Airport, with the nearest freeway being US-6.

What’s nearby North Alameda?

A neighborhood isn’t always the best- fit for someone. It also matters what amenities are nearby. If it has an excellent walk score, it means there are more places like stores, educational institutions, restaurants etc.

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Although the scores are far from perfect, it’s still a pretty good indicator for judging which areas are “the best” to live in. Make sure you know all of the nearby things that would be relevant to your lifestyle, such as grocery stores and parks near your potential new home.

There are plenty of food options for people living in North Alameda, Lakewood! Whether you want to grab your morning coffee at The French Press or go for a relaxed brunch on the weekend at Subway, you have all the choice you need.

Dessert shops like Panera Bread, Sur La Table, and Cold Stone Creamery in North Alameda, Lakewood are great options for satisfying your sweet tooth.

The residents of North Alameda CO love to get tacos from Viva Burrito, El Tapatio, and Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant. They also go to Wendy’s, Smashburger or Carl’s Jr. for a burger. If you want a higher-end restaurant experience then Chipotle Mexican Grill is the place to be along with P.F. Chang

North Alameda and Lakewood have quite a few grocery stores. One of them is Viet Hoa while some more popular ones are Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market.

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