Washington Park Neighborhood in Denver CO

Washington Park is a historic neighborhood in the North Denver area of Denver Colorado. It is a lush and heavily treed neighborhood with a decent population of close to 9000 residents.

Washington Park was first settled in 1859 by William Larimer, the founder of Denver who bought land from the Kansas Pacific Railroad Company, but it was re-named “Washington Park” in 1889 in honor of George Washington by Robert Walsen.

Washington Park has 6 parks within its boundaries including the main one, Perry Park at 55 acres large that includes 15 tennis courts, an outdoor pool open during summer months only (accessible on Mon-Fri from 8 am-7:30 pm, Sat & Sun 11 am-6 pm, closed on Mon. Lunch hour 12 -1), a sand volleyball court, basketball courts, and playgrounds.

There are two main streets that run through Washington Park; Monaco Parkway (dividing the area between north and south) and Race Street. The neighborhood is bordered by Federal Blvd to the west, Mississippi Ave to the south, York St to the east, and Colfax Ave to the north. There is one metro stop in Washington Park named “I-25/Stout”. This station makes it very convenient for those residents who commute via public transportation or bus as it puts you right into Downtown Denver where major employment opportunities exist within walking distance or a short bus ride.

There are several shops in Washington Park, including the ever-popular coffee shops, some nice restaurants, and a few small boutiques. Most of these businesses are located along Federal Blvd or Race St since these streets run through Washington Park providing easy access for residents to park their cars, walk into the stores and come back home safely with their purchases without having to hop onto public transportation as parking is limited adjacent to the metro station on S Wolff st.

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For those that need larger items such as furniture or appliances, there’s Home Depot on Zuni Street which is still within walking distance from most parts of Washington Park if you don’t mind hoofing it for 35-45 minutes because let’s face it – nobody has the time to spend hours doing errands.

There are some medium-sized grocery stores in the neighborhood such as Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (1335 Race St), King Soopers/City Market (1201 W 26th Ave), and Whole Foods private label 365 stores at 1350 S Colorado Blvd. For those looking for smaller, cleaner markets there’s also an Aldi on Monaco Parkway near I-25 and a new urban-style market called “The Mercantile” which opened up about 2 years ago where you can find healthier foods, vegan delights, and other neat little things not found in most traditional markets such as hot prepared food options from local chefs or restaurants.

Most of Washington Park was built between 1900 and 1930s with a mix of brick bungalows, ranches, and craftsman homes. Some homes were originally built out of adobe. Later they were all standardized to accommodate the growing population.

Though there has been some new construction in Washington Park the area still boasts its original Victorian-era houses which have been preserved over the years either by individual owners or through historic district designation efforts that started in 1989 and as a result, many of the old trees and beautiful exterior facades remain intact.

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