What you need to know before recycling electronics

Getting rid of electronics is a tough decision. While it can be tempting to put them out on the curb with your garbage or sell them, you should reconsider that option and find out what recycling options are available in your area first. Here’s everything you need to know about recycling today’s most popular electronic devices.

How to Recycle Electronics

It is crucial for the environment

Electronic devices contaminate water supplies. Of the many contaminants found in electronics, some of which include heavy metals like lead, mercury, and barium. When electronics are thrown away in a landfill, the toxic compounds they contain leak into the soil. Once these toxic chemicals are in the soil, they get into groundwater supplies – which means we might be drinking or cooking with contaminated water. Plus, as if that isn’t enough for us to worry about, polluted soil also contaminates food grown there.

This is especially true in areas where the soil cannot be used for farming. This includes wetlands and national parks, as it puts wildlife at risk, and causes land contamination that will be generational. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these pollutants pose a health risk to humans due to bioaccumulation; they build up in your system.

Every item you send to the landfill that is recyclable or reusable takes up landfill space. Landfill space is limited, and every time you send an item that can be recycled or reused, someone else’s trash will end up in a dumpster because of it.

Sell or donate it. There are many Facebook groups that buy and sell unwanted items, so you should be able to find someone who wants what you don’t want. Be sure to delete all personal information off your phone or laptop before giving the device away!

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Recycle your electronics. Determine if there are any recycling centers for electronics near you (use Google), and take it there for disposal. Otherwise, find an electronic store that will recycle your items free of charge.

Visit your community’s electronic recycling day. Some communities conduct these services only once or twice a year, but the wait is worth it given that some charge for televisions and monitors.

Wait it out. Some electronics stores will take back old electronics (check with each company), an online trade-in websites exist for other companies, like Samsung.

Retail outlets have recycling programs too; check if your new device is subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. If there is one, you can often recycle the old item under it, and be issued a new one.

What Not to Do When Disposing of Electronics

Don’t put it in the regular trash. Even if you don’t think your electronic item is valuable, it’s important not to throw it away. Otherwise, people who need their electronics will have to pay for disposal services or find someone else who can take their e-waste.

One of the easiest ways to recycle or get rid of an old television is by contacting a junk hauling company. Junk Removal Guys can provide you with recycling services and donate your unwanted electronics. Do you have unwanted items? We will pick them up from your home and responsibly dispose of them.

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