Baker Neighborhood in Denver CO

Baker is a Denver neighborhood that has been historically known for its bakeries. This area of the city has been growing more popular lately due to its proximity to downtown and other areas. The Baker neighborhood as a whole is very diverse and it’s known for having some really unique, independently owned restaurants, shops, etc.

There are definitely some safety concerns in certain parts of this neighborhood but if you stay off the streets that have those issues it’s perfectly fine. The Cherry Creek Trail runs through this part of town so it makes for a nice walk or jogs during the day. Obviously, because there are homeless encampments in other parts of this neighborhood there is more crime than say some of Denver’s suburbs around here but I think overall it’s mainly just a lower-income area so you do see people who may not be the best off but that’s not everyone and I think it just comes with the territory of being in a city.

There are many Denver restaurants in the Baker neighborhood but not a ton of things to do. This is definitely more of an area that you live or work in rather than an area to spend time in if you are looking for fun activities. There is some shopping around, especially on 10th street and 11th street, but overall this area isn’t known as being one where there are tons of businesses, etc.

The cost of living in the Baker neighborhood is about average for Denver as a whole depending on where exactly you are located within this part of town and what kind of property you are looking for. Some renting options may be cheaper than others and similarly, some buying options may also be cheaper than others depending on location, age of home, amenities offered, etc.

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The Baker neighborhood is a Denver area that has experienced significant gentrification over the past couple of decades but also still has some more affordable areas within it. This is not one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver to live in as a result and if you are looking for an area where there are tons of things to do on nights and weekends then this may not be the best place for you, but if you are just interested in living somewhere close to downtown or other areas and don’t need nightlife/restaurants right nearby then Baker could make sense for your needs.

I would never recommend living in the Baker neighborhood if you are looking for great restaurants, bars, etc. and that is only a short walk or drive away as this is definitely not an area with that kind of nightlife surrounding it. If you are just looking to live near other areas though and don’t care about having nearby nightlife options then Baker would make sense because it’s just a short drive from many different parts of Denver and incredibly easy to get downtown even during rush hour on most days.

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