Golden Triangle Neighborhood in Denver CO

The Golden Triangle Neighborhood in Denver Colorado is located between Speer Boulevard and Interstate 25, roughly 6th Avenue to Speer Blvd., Colfax Ave. to Alameda Avenue.

The Golden Triangle Neighborhood in Denver Colorado attracts many families for its easy access to the Cherry Creek Bike Path that takes you throughout the city and provides quick access to downtown, as well as for a number of popular schools such as Northfield High School, Barnum Elementary School, and Woodbury Elementary School.

The Golden Triangle is also conveniently located south of City Park which includes the Denver Zoo and much more!

Attempts to redevelop these areas have been met with resistance from residents afraid their neighborhood’s charm will be lost forever. One project was put on hold after residents protested at a public hearing about proposed changes by developers near 7th Avenue between Grant Street and Speer Boulevard. The result was a compromise with measures such as increasing setbacks and widening sidewalks.

Residents in the Golden Triangle are represented by three Council members: Albus Brooks, Chris Nevitt, and Peggy Lehmann. Proposals for rezoning near 7th Avenue have met with resistance from residents who fear losing their neighborhood’s charm if not handled carefully; however, no major issues have been reported in recent news.

Articles about the Golden Triangle neighborhood are posted regularly on blogs such as West Word, and often include interviews with key figures in the area including Albus Brooks (current Councilman for Denver District 9).

Many emphasize the importance of preserving the area’s charm while still taking advantage of development opportunities, and provide opinions from both parties concerning current issues such as rezoning proposals and major developments like that of Cherry Creek North.

One article in particular, ‘Cherry Creek North: How Denver Approached Development from the Ground Up’ (Lehmann, Sept. 12, 2012), provides great insight into Denver’s development history and stresses that growth is inevitable, but should be addressed in a way that avoids further rifts between residents and developers (for additional information on Cherry Creek North visit this link ).

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The Golden Triangle neighborhood has a number of opportunities for outdoor recreation including parks like City Park in which you can find the Denver Zoo as well as the Museum of Nature & Science. This area also includes other major attractions such as Civic Center Park and downtown shopping districts like Larimer Square near 14th Street and Broadway Boulevard.

Over half of all homes are condo or apartment dwellings; only 35 percent are single-family homes. Nearly half of all units are rental properties, while the remainder is owner-occupied. The average income for residents is just over $31,000 per year.

It has long been a busy commercial and retail area in Denver Colorado with lots of small shops and restaurants lining Speer Boulevard and Broadway.

The neighborhood also includes one of Denver’s oldest gay neighborhoods along Broadway between 6th Avenue and 14th Avenue that was home to several bars throughout the years including Herbivores, Perry’s, Scorpio One-Stop, A Little More, and Re-Bar before it became home to X-Rated Bookstore.

The Golden Triangle Neighborhood in Denver CO is very bike-friendly as evidenced by its many bike lanes among other amenities such as the restored Boettcher Mansion.

Whether you’re looking for a single-family home, condo, or apartment in Denver Colorado, The Golden Triangle Neighborhood is sure to have a variety of choices to meet your needs!

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