Highlands Neighborhood in Denver CO

Highlands neighborhood is a beautiful, tranquil area in Denver, Colorado with lots of historic houses, trees, and parks. It’s also very central to the city, giving it a more country-like feeling.

Highland is a preppy area with boutiques and independent shops on South Broadway towards downtown Denver, CO. There are also many restaurants within walking distance from this location as well – like Sushi Den which has fantastic customer service and great food!

People here are extremely kind, friendly, and down to earth despite all the posh businesses in the surrounding area.

The best thing about Highlands is that it is completely surrounded by beautiful mountains so you can get an amazing view of them anytime you step outside your door or go for a walk around town!

Downsides include expensive rent and a lot of rich people.

I would recommend this area to anyone who wants to save money on rent, is self-sufficient and doesn’t need or want their handheld when going out, likes the mountains, or enjoys being surrounded by lots of hipsters in skinny jeans.

The best time to visit Highlands is during the day on a sunny day because they’re practically blinding! They’re very vibrant with beautiful trees surrounding all sides as if they were painted there!

Overall, I really enjoy living here especially because it’s extremely safe and convenient to walk everywhere which makes my life much easier than having to commute via car every day like some other areas in Colorado might require residents too. It’s also very close to the 16th street mall and downtown area for all your shopping needs!

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If you like country life but also want to be able to go downtown in a matter of minutes for shopping or going to any bars, this is definitely an area you should consider!

I would recommend Highlands as a place anyone can live especially if they have kids and need a safe environment in which to raise them. It’s also great for people with dogs because it’s so spacious and there are lots of parks around too!

Description: The Highland neighborhood in Denver CO is filled with beautiful historic houses, rich posh areas, and perfect views of the mountains. There are many popular restaurants near this location and it’s very close to 16th street mall as well!  It might be considered pricey, but if you enjoy being surrounded by mountains and don’t mind saving on rent, this is a great location for you!

Highlands is a great place to live if you enjoy the country life but also want to be close enough for easy access to city living. It’s perfect for people with kids and dogs, too!  I would recommend this location in Denver CO because it has all that anyone could need or hope for from their neighborhood.

This is definitely an interesting neighborhood I wouldn’t mind living in! The history behind it sounds really cool and the mountains are beautiful, but I would hate to live somewhere so pricey. It’s nice that you can walk everywhere though. That must save you a lot of gas money!

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