How Do I Get Rid of My Old, Ugly Hot Tub?

Why would you want to get rid of your hot tub in the first place?

You might want to get rid of your hot tub because it’s old, it doesn’t work properly, or you are just tired of doing maintenance on it. Whatever the reason, if you no longer want a hot tub and still have one in your backyard, let this article help you decide if you should sell it or just get rid of it.

What are some options for getting rid of a hot tub?

If you decide to get rid of a hot tub, there are some options.

Donate it:  When I got my hot tub, it was from the owner who was moving and going to school full-time, so she did not have time for her old hot tub anymore. Therefore we decided to donate it instead of selling it or getting rid of it in some other way. The local Salvation Army came and picked up the hot tub as soon as I called them about possibly donating my old hot tub. They also took many items that were broken and gave me a $200 donation receipt for all of the stuff they picked up!

Sell it:  If you want to get rid of a hot tub, selling it is always an option. It’s good if you do not have any sentimental attachment to your hot tub and only want to sell it for the money that you can get out of it. If you don’t mind getting less than what you paid for the hot tub or even nothing at all, this is also an option. There are many people who like buying used hot tubs because they are cheap and they can use them in their own backyards without having to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new one.

How do I dispose of my old, ugly hot tub safely and responsibly?

Most communities have certain rules and regulations in place regarding the disposal of old, broken hot tubs. If you want to dispose of your hot tub yourself without any help from a junk removal company or other organization in your community, there are steps that you can take to make sure it is disposed of safely and responsibly.

The first thing I did when I got rid of my old hot tub is called “containment.” First, I cleaned out all of the debris from inside the tub with a broom and dustpan (or whatever else you can find). Then put some newspapers down on the ground underneath where you will be using a saw, drill, crowbar, etc. so that no debris falls onto the ground while you’re trying to get rid of your hot tub.

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Then I worked on breaking up the hot tub itself, first using a saw to cut as much of it into pieces as possible. Cutting it up is easy if you have tools and access to the plug that allows you to drain out all of the water from inside so that you do not have to break apart wet cement.

After cutting it in as many pieces as possible, I used a drill and crowbar along with muscle power to tear apart any big chunks that did not break when I sawed them. The trick here is just to make sure there is enough room for you to work without getting stuck in your hot tub or be unable to get out!

After working through each part of my hot tub, I prepared everything for disposal by having my trash and recycling in separate bags. I am lucky that the city does not require me to take everything to a dump unless it is considered “hazardous,” which an old hot tub filled with water, chemicals, and dirt most certainly is not!

Therefore I took all of the pieces of my hot tub (which were surprisingly heavy!) to the end of my driveway where there was already a lot of other junk from previous projects waiting for me to pick up. I then found some friends who had pickup trucks so we could put all of this stuff into their trucks and haul it off somewhere else!

Professional Help with an Old Hot Tub Removal

If you decide that you want to get rid of your hot tub but do not have the time, skills, or patience to do it yourself, there are many options for hiring professionals in your area who can come and help you get rid of an old, ugly hot tub.

Whether they pick up, haul away and dispose of your hot tub for you or whether they disassemble it for you so that all that remains is a pile of pieces ready to go straight into the trash, there are companies in most communities who can take care of this job for you.

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