How to Measure How Much Stuff You Have for Junk Removal

How do you measure how much stuff you have for junk removal? Well, it can be a bit difficult to tell. The volume of your junk is really determined by the dimensions of the objects and how they all stack up when we load them into our trucks. How are you supposed to know how much space your items will take up in a truck?

It’s not as straightforward as taking measurements or counting each item individually. That’s where this guide comes in! We’ll show you some tips on measuring your junk so that we can give you an accurate quote before hauling it off to recycling facilities or landfills!

  • Measure the length and width of your items in feet. One foot is 12 inches, so multiply that by the number of objects you have to get a good estimate on their volume.
  • Lightweight materials like clothes take up less space than things like furniture do, but it’s important to keep this in mind when calculating how much room your items will take up.
  • Measure the depth of your items in feet. Again, one foot is 12 inches so multiply by the number of objects you have and that should give you a pretty good idea of their volume.
  • You can also measure dimensions using different units such as yards or meters if they are more comfortable for you to work with!

There are two main ways we determine how much space your junk takes up in our trucks: length times width, or volumetric weight (length x depth). The easiest way to figure out how much that equals is to do some quick math like this: Length + Length = Width + Width = Depth+Depth= Total Volume(Length*Width)

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As an example, if you have a pile of junk that’s six feet long, four feet wide, and three deep it would be 36ft x 24ft x 18ft or 216 ft^(length*width).

This is one example of how to calculate the volume. If your objects are in different shapes like cubes, spheres, etc., simply add up their surface area (A=πr²) then multiply by their depth (D) to get an estimate on how much space they will take up in our trucks!

For instance, if we had two large dressers side-by-side with dimensions as follows:

Length = 72 inches Width = 24 inches Depth = 16 inches A=720/12 D=16 Total Volume=(72x72x16)+(24x24x16)=26,656ft^(length*width).

We hope this short guide has helped you measure your junk and give us a better idea of what we’ll need to know in order to provide the most accurate quote possible.

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