Junk Removal Guys – Who we are and what we do?

We are Junk Removal Guys, and we are the premiere local junk removal company servicing whole Larimer County and beyond. Don’t bother hiring junk removers with very poor customer service from the big franchise companies — here our goal is to haul away all your junk with nothing but smiles on our face! Our customers are very satisfied that we take great measures to ensure they get excellent customer service!

We also strive to provide you with great savings to help your wallets and your bank accounts — yes, we aim to be the most recession-friendly junk removal company!

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We make sure to keep our rates very competitive and give our competitors some problems! You get great savings thanks to our very low curbside rates if you don’t mind bringing out the junk yourself. If you can’t haul out the junk yourself, then have nothing to fear; through Junk Removal Guys point-and-haul service we will go in wherever the junk is located and bring it out ourselves. Give us a call for a free quote today!

Your Guide To Get the Junk Removed

The house is our abode of peace and serenity. It is our resting place. It is where we seek relaxation after working so hard in our job or business.

Thus, when our home greets us with a lot of junk and continues doing so, we become even more stressed, and living everyday from the time we wake up, go to work and up until we come home becomes a hell of a routine.

We ask ourselves: “How the hell did my house turn up into a dumpster?” without realizing that this is because we hardly took the time back then to clean up the place, and so the clutter eventually piled up and made a big mess of our homes.

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The sad thing is that we let this eyesore get the best of us and we end up not being able to tidy up the place due to being overwhelmed, thinking what an impossible task it is to do so.

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However, if we try to approach the cleaning process in an orderly manner, we will begin to realize how simple it actually is.

First and foremost, choose your priorities. Know which part of the house needs the most tidying up and which one can be cleaned last.

Once you’ve decided on that, one by one you should take all the unnecessary things that cause clutter and disarray out of your house.

Take out novelty items, busted appliances, old clothes, rusty pieces of metal, empty bottles, broken furniture, and all other stuffs that you no longer use and bring them at your garage.

Survey your home well in case you miss out on some objects that need throwing away, and then do a last round of disposing.

This will give the interior of your home a chance to breathe and give you more space to rearrange the furniture and appliances in case you want to do so.

Lastly, once your home is free from the things that crowd it, you can begin cleaning with ease. Just remember to call the our junk removal company to haul your junk away for you. You wouldn’t want to have all those stuff parked at your front yard.

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