Not sure who to call to remove your junk?

The difference between a trash removal service and a recycling service is quite clear. The former refers to the collection, transportation, and processing of rubbish, and recycling means turning waste into reusable items or materials.

To understand the difference between the two, you first need to understand the process of rubbish and waste management.

What is waste management

With waste management, it could refer to human waste or garbage. This kind of waste can be either solid, liquid, gaseous, or radioactive. Each kind of waste will be transported, collected, and processed in different ways.

And every country has their own way of handling their waste. Most countries worldwide deposit their waste into local landfills. These are large areas, normally abandoned quarries, pits or mining holes, which will be used to dump material.

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When these places or maintained correctly, they can be a cost-effective way to get rid of all unwanted waste. Unfortunately, particles which are airborne from a landfill can be hazardous to the local environment.

Incineration techniques are regularly used to dispose of waste ranging from gaseous and radioactive materials. This waste will be converted into either steam, gas, heat or ash.

This, however, is an extremely controversial way of doing things, due to the fact it still ends up floating around in the atmosphere. Some forms of waste are taken to recycling plants.

Items to recycle

Hundreds of items can be recycled, such as textiles, plastic, glass, paper, and computer parts. Recyclable goods will be collected by waste management services and sent to sorting centers where every item will be put into its own section.

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Different materials can be reused and made into different items, like clothing, containers, and recycled paper. Recycling does reduce the economic impact which waste has on our environment.

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While recycling does have various advantages, there are a few critics who believe these benefits so far do not outweigh the problems associated with recycling.

Nevertheless, recycling is still the best way to handle waste and junk removal than landfills or incineration techniques.

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