The Piled-up Junk Dilemma

Surely, you have your fair share of junk at home, and at one point in time they have grown in numbers and cluttered up your home. Perhaps the clutter has even gone to the point wherein you could hardly park your car in your garage anymore.

Keeping stuff that can still be of use can be a good practice, but if it goes way out of hand, you’ll find yourself buried under more junk than gold.

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The attic is one of the places where junk and other useless items are usually stored, such as old mattresses which have suffered a little wear and tear and your kid’s old bicycle that has gone way out of fashion.

Even furniture that are no longer appealing sometimes get stuffed into the attic. If things like these are just filling up space and can’t just be crammed into the dumpster, you might want to hire a junk removal company to get rid of them for you hassle-free.

Not only are they going to do the hard part of the job for you – specifically the physically strenuous ones – but they are also going to help you deal with your junk in a more environmentally friendly manner.

If you simply stuff your junk in a gigantic dumpster somewhere, you’ll be making an eyesore of a magnet for cockroaches, rats and other disease-carrying creatures in your area.

Scavengers may even go through your junk in the messiest way possible, wherein you’ll suddenly find random items that were once in the dumpster already scattered everywhere along the gutter and sidewalks.

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Worse, if that old mattress ends up in the middle of the street, it can cause accidents and traffic dilemmas.

Junk removal companies on the other hand dump your stuff at the right places. It’s either they recycle as much of your old stuff as possible so that very few are left to be sent to the landfill, or they send your junk over to institutions that may have use for them, such as charities that help find unwanted yet still reusable furniture for the less fortunate.

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One thing to consider however is that junk removal companies generally charge by the volume. Thus, don’t call them if you have very few junks to get rid of.

The best way is to maximize on their minimum volume at the very least so you get the most of what you’re paying for.

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