Washington State E-cycle Program Hitting 200 Million lb Mark

The Washington State E-cycle program may be something that you yourself are unaware of, but just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean that they do not exist. In fact, the E-cycle program is so alive and effective to this day that they have recently hit the 200 million pound mark.

Washington State has hit the 200 million pounds in weight for electronics that have been recycled within a 5 year period, incredible!. Just to put that into perspective, 200 million pounds worth of weight is the equivalent of collecting 90 million bags of general size sugar.

That is something that seems out of this world to achieve in 5 years, but it has been done, meaning that Washington State is keeping up with its known recycling ways.

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Knowing how much weight has been collected in 5 years is merely half the battle, considering the Washington State E-cycle program can boast collecting 40+ million pounds in weight per year, you can really see how much of a great job they do.

The electronics that are specially collected and recycled by the program include unused and unwanted T.V’s, Computers, Laptops, and also E-readers. According to ecologists, electronics such as T.V’s and computers contain toxic materials that can seriously harm the environment.

Meaning that the E-cycle system doesn’t only recycle the reusable materials in these electronic products, such as aluminum, but they help prevent harming the environment which will also include harming wild animals natural habitats, and even harm the atmosphere which can eventually lead to global warming, and considering we only have one planet, these guys are really helping save it.

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To know exactly what the E-cycle program in Washington does to the electronics when they are being recycled, I will expand more here.

Most of the electronics that are collected will be taken apart for recycling within the Washington state, but some of the electronic goods will travel out of the Washington state for processing, meaning that some of the materials are exported for recycling at the correct facilities.

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Unusable electronics and materials are not exported to third-world countries as they have no use being there and will only end up polluting the planet yet again. Instead, materials such as the metals, glass, and plastics that are found in the electronics are separated and sold to be reused as raw materials where they will then be used to manufacture new products, meaning the recycling system works as it should.

If your electronic product still currently works, and you are questioning whether or not to give it into the E-cycle program, you can!

But instead of the product being taken apart and recycled for its materials, it will be given out to businesses and the public to be reused, which is another form of recycling.

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