What You Need To Know About TV Disposal

Ready to ditch that old TV in the corner? There’s a lot you need to know before you get started. This blog post will guide you through it from start to finish, so read on!

What you need to know about TV disposal

The TV in your house may contain toxic heavy metals. To ensure they don’t end up in the environment, you should recycle or properly dispose of them. And since TVs are so large and must be handled carefully, consider taking yours to a local e-waste recycling event.

The worst possible option is to toss it in the trash, as TVs contain hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. These metals are dangerous for humans and animals alike – especially our children. Newer TV models may be lighter and easier to manage, but many older models remain very heavy.

Things to consider before disposing of your old TV

When planning on disposing of an old TV, you must first consider the following:

How much is it worth? – Older TVs often don’t have much resale value. It’s best to just dispose of them as soon as possible.

How does your city handle disposal? – Most municipalities do not collect televisions and other devices containing hazardous materials. Instead, they offer detailed information on how to dispose of these items safely and responsibly.

Does it work? – If the TV still works but you’re replacing it with a new one, consider selling it instead. You might get more money with less effort that way.

Where can I recycle my old TVs in the US and Canada?

If you live in the US, Consumer Reports recommends taking your old TV to one of these local recycling centers:

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Best Buy – Accepts certain types of electronics and computer equipment for free. For other items such as printers, flat-panel TVs, cameras, camcorders, small appliances, and personal care products, Best Buy charges a fee.

Where to drop off old TVs in Canada?

Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are all working towards a “Zero Waste” province. They offer the following information on how to properly dispose of electronics: In Ontario, you can take televisions and other e-waste to an e-recycle depot near you.

What are the steps for TV disposal?

  • Find a place to take your TV before it becomes hazardous
  • Determine if you have a viable option for recycling your unit
  • Check with your municipality to ask about regulations on electronics disposal
  • Reduce the harm in any way possible by selling or donating to a reuse center, depending on the value of the item

What is the best way to dispose of an old TV?

The best way to dispose of an old TV is to safely and responsibly recycle it by either donating it or taking it in for recycling.

Can I donate my TV instead of recycling it?

  • Yes – donation centers often accept televisions. Overall, it’s best to look for a nearby recycling center or event. There are plenty of people and organizations on charitable missions that would love to put your old TV in the hands of someone else who needs it for themselves.

TVs can be hazardous to the environment, and it is important to dispose of them responsibly. Contact a company like Junk Removal Guys for professional TV disposal services today!

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