How To Make Money From A Junk Removal Business

Nobody likes trash except if you are in the hauling business. Junk removal is a business in which no skilled qualifications are required to start.

You will quickly learn that although there are no upfront skills required, to succeed as a business owner you will have to develop very advanced knowledge.

Junk removal businesses require a lot of hard work, time, management skills, marketing knowledge, ability to sell, and on top of that, you have to know how to drive a commercial truck!

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No one wants to see waste in their home, locality, or in their organization. So it is a good idea to make money from junk or waste removal since everyone is a potential customer – EVERYONE.

To make more money you need to be fast, offer competitive prices, and advertise your business successfully. You can charge by a number of truckloads, weight, or by hours, etc.

The pricing of junk removal is totally up to you, but you have to make the pricing fair or else you will not get repeat customers. Here are some tips so that you can easily make more money from the junk removal business.

Things to remember before you start your hauling business:

There is a lot of paper work, administrative and other thing you should take care of.

  1. Try to work for any junk removal organization or know how they do it. This research will help you to start your own business.
  2. Ask for prices from junk removal companies and get an idea before offering your price to the individual, home, or for an organization for your service.
  3. Know which kind of thing you’ll allow removing. A few dangerous chemical junks you will find that you do not want to remove. Take care of this thing. When dealing with customers you will have to be upfront and firm in what you will and won’t take. This not only keeps you safe but also keeps the environment clean.
  4. Also, find a place to dump your junk. Find a reliable garbage dump. It sounds funny, but every garbage dump is different and getting to know the employees there and the ins and outs of the dump really help. Dumpsites can be stressful so our suggestion is to find one that is off the beaten path free of the general public.
  5. Find the safety regulations and insurance schemes for this business.
  6. Always have few important types of equipment to handle the junk. Good equipment to have includes a metal dolly with solid wheels (No inner tube), crowbar, sledgehammer, mesh tarp to cover the load, reflective vests, respirators, shovels, rakes, dusk masks, and first aid kit.
  7. Visit competing junk removal company websites in your area to see how much the going rate is.
  8. Call a junk removal company pretending to be a potential customer to see how they operate and what they charge. Maybe even set up a quote to see what they would charge to remove junk from your house, apartment, or condo.
  9. Search Craigslist to see what kind of competition there is in your area
  10. Get a line of credit with your local transfer station. This will make dumping your truck a lot easier and faster. Sometimes when you get a line of credit you can dump it 24/7 instead of the posted hours to the general public.
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Important tips:

  1. Create a proper business plan. Hire employees if you need to and learn how to run a business with employees.
  2. Get a license for junk removal business and any other insurance and permits too.
  3. Have the necessary equipment and the nearest place to dump your collected junk.
  4. Advertise your business into the market. Consider a lead-generating service.
  5. Manage your money properly and regularly check your profits after an interval.
  6. Communicate with them who can refer your business to any individual, corporate level, locality, or organization.
  7. Make flyers and leave them in your neighbor’s houses or distribute them in some locality.
  8. Minimize your dumping cost by eliminating useful things such as clothes, toys, etc, and recyclable junk from your heavy junk load.
  9. Offer the competitive price; provide fast and excellent service so that your customers come to you again and again to get your service.
  10. Reference, Cost, Advertisement, and High-quality service get you more orders and so more money.
  11. Are you driving a commercial truck? Do you need to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?


So if you are looking for a start of low cost business and which require no skilled qualification then junk removal business can be a good idea.

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You can easily earn $20 to $40 per hour as your profit. Offer your service to the locality where needs to remove the amount of junk. It can be a house, any organization, or any locality.

Get a referral and advertise your business to get more orders. Have some necessary equipment, manage your business properly and decrease the dumping cost and increase your profit.

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